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Do you have an idea for a book?  Maybe you’ve been making some notes, but don’t know how to organise them into a story that can be enjoyed by others?  Or have you always been interested in creative writing, but never had the time to attend classes?  If any of the above scenarios applies, you could benefit from a writing mentor.

Imagine the scenario.  You’ve just got home from paying in your annual royalties cheque for your first novel.  You sit down at your PC, fire it up and send a quick note to your mentor before continuing to work on your second.    Now, with your newly acquired writing skills and  some prior experience, you have every reason to expect your second attempt to be even more polished than the first.

How will it work?

It’s a simple five step process that puts you in control at all times.  Having a writing mentor differs from ghost writing in the respect that the book will truly be all your own work.


First of all, we’ll need to do some preparation. You’ll give me your idea or send me some notes.  I’ll get back to you with a few elaborations, some conventional and others a bit more creative.  For instance, it would be perfectly plausible to play out your life story as a sci-fi, if that’s your thing.  I’ll then help you find some suitable reading material to help you generate ideas for characters and plot twists.  You can email me for comments on your ideas whenever you like.


Reading is a vital part of the writing process and you should do as much as possible to get a feel for the genre.  When you feel ready, we’ll sit down and put something concrete together.  At this point I’ll recommend some books on the technical aspects of writing, such as constructing a plot, dialogue and characterisation.   If you’d prefer to write without a structure (as many established authors do), I can help you with this too.


Once you have a plan of action, you’re all set to go.  I’ll  explain to you the rules of your chosen genre and help you write in the correct style.  Email me your questions as often as you like.  We will also schedule a weekly catchup over the telephone or on Skype if you prefer.


When you have a draft manuscript, I will (optionally)critique and edit it.  Then, you’re all set.  You can either submit to traditional publishers or publish it yourself.  There are pros and cons of each, but I’ll talk you through them and provide as much advice as you need.


Finally, we’ll hold a review meeting, where we’ll discuss ways of improving your writing.  Armed with technical know-how and some writing experience, you’ll be perfectly positioned to make your second novel even better than the first.

How much will it cost?

The mentoring services costs just £600 per book, for twelve month’s support.  I’ll advise you on publishing options too, but if you want me to edit your manuscript, there’ll be an additional charge.


In order to maintain the highest standards, I can only accept those clients with ideas of great potential. Call 07541 485062 or email thewriterry@sky.com today to find out more.

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