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Discover a Freelance Ghostwriting Service that will convert your memoirs into a manuscript that people will Pay to Read.

Got a story to tell, an essay to write or a non-fiction book that needs polishing up?  Read on to discover how we can help.

Your Story

Can you visulalise yourself stood in front of a pile of books, handing out copies in exchange for a fee?  Or maybe you have a picture in your mind of future generations sitting gripped as they subconsciously  learn from your life experiences?  If so, our affordable and unique ghostwriting services might just be the thing you’re looking for.

See your memoirs in print, for a price you can afford

For a fee that’s affordable for all, we will write a 50-60,000 word manuscript and guide you through the publication process.  You could be holding your own paperback in as little as three months.

What’s different about our Ghostwriting Services?

If you have a book to write, you’ve come to the perfect place.  We can either:

  • Bring your memoirs to life in a fashion that will grip  your readers.  By addding a touch of drama, we can make a good story great.
  • Alternatively, we can weave  in a plot to transform your story into autobiographical fiction.

Tell it as fiction

Many famous works of fiction have been biographical.  The most notable of these is Dickens’ David Copperfield. By telling it as fiction, you can publish your memoirs as a paperback that people everywhere will pay to read.  Everyone enjoys reading stories. Pitch yourself to the newspaers as a new local author and they’ll be much more likely to give you column space.

Non – Fiction

We can transform your non-fiction draft into a professional manuscript that will be a pleasure to read.  Just by browsing this site you can get a feel for our clear, conversational style.  Perfect for bringing a complicated subject to the masses.


After undertaking my own academic work and attaining an A for every essay I wrote, I can boost your grade by:

  • Structuring your draft into an argument, which is essential for attaning the higher grades.
  • Rewrite your words and sentences to conform with academic standards.
  • Identify gaps in your argument and help you in your quest to find credible sources.

You can rest assured that our service does not constitue an academic offence that will have consequences for both parties.

So why should you trust us to write your book?

  • I’m a published author of autobiographical fiction and qualified marketer.  There’s on one better placed to write your manuscript, recommend publishing options and assist with your marketing for a price that’s afordable to many instead of a few.  If we decide on the self-publising route, I can do this for you.
  • I have a first class honours degree in Creative Writing with Media Writing.
  • All my clients of autobiographical and genre fiction have loved my work, many giving five star ratings.

Here’s what Janet had to say about her autobiographical fiction:

Everyone thinks it’s brilliant.  I think it’s very clever – and creative- how you’ve told the story.

I wasn’t expecting the satire, but when I read it I couldn’t stop laughing.  You can just imagine them ( Tony Blair and his cabinet) sat round a table saying those things.

As I’m getting on in life, I wanted people to know my side of the story.  I’m very pleased with the outcome and would recommend The Writerry to anyone.

  • Finally, I’m a full member of  The Writer’s Guild of Great Britain.

Free Sample

If this sounds agreeable so far, why not get a free sample?  Just pop a few paragraphs of notes in an email and send it to I’ll get back to you ASAP and if you think we could work in partnership, we’ll take it from there. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Read on to discover how our service will progress your story from scrawled notes to paperback in six steps.

How we convert the memoirs of regular people in London and throughout the UK, into Autobiographical Fiction, in six steps.

Step One – The initial meeting

The initial meeting usually takes place in a coffee shop or bar somewhere.  I can meet you in London, any other part of the UK or on Skype.   This is essentially a bonding session.  In and around the jokes, you’ll tell me your story and your motives for wanting to write a book.   One thing I always ask is ‘What message do you want to convey to the reader?’  This will form the book’s theme. I may or may not ask you to sign a contract at this stage, depending on how far down the line we’ve gone before meeting up.

An hour or so later, we’ll have agreed on a course of action.  Usually this involves you going home and sending me some notes in an email.


Step Two – The Creative process

Armed with your notes, I’ll draft some ideas for characters and a basic plot to weave around the facts.  With the concept agreed, I’ll then get back to you with a scene by scene break down.  Or you could take full responsibility for the creative process and produce these ‘beats’ yourself.

Step Three – Regular updates

We’ll meet up for regular updates and some creative brainstorming.

Step Four – Enjoy your Quality Fiction

Our services, combined with your story and theme, will result in the kind of writing that most people love to read.  I like books that stand the test of time, because these change the way you see the world.  It’s no coincidence that my own autobiographical fiction was considered to have ‘literary merit’ and published by a literary publisher.  These are the books that are read in schools, colleges and universities.

Step Five – Marketing Services (Optional)

Once the manuscript is complete and signed off, we can devise a marketing plan to get people excited.

Step Six – Get Published (Optional)

For an additional cost, we can typeset your book, create a cover and publish it to Amazon.


Get the keys clunking

Use the live chat box to obtain an instant  provisional quote or to have your questions answered.  Alternatively, contact us or ring 07541 485062 to begin your literary journey today.