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About Me

Professional autobiographical fiction writer in London and throughout the UK

Terry Martin is a professional freelance ghostwriter and author of literary fiction.  He has ghosted scores of genre fiction books as well as several autobiographies for people that have made the news.  He is  passionate about his clients’ stories and will go to any length to ensure the truth is told.  Telling it as fiction is one way of establishing this.

He has a first class honours degree in Creative Writing with Media Writing.  For his undergraduate independent study, he chose to focus on the science of creativity, which is a combination of psychology, neuroscience and anthropology.

He knows better than most why we evolved a love of stories and what compells us to keep on reading one more page.  He also knows how to deduce a backstory from a character’s traits with astonishing accuracy.

Literary credentials

His publishers, Arena books, specialise in quality, literary fiction. The kind of writing that will be just as relevant in fifty years’ time. They accepted his manuscript as it has literary merit. Turtles on The Beach, which is semi-auotobiographical, offers an alternative angle on the political events of the 1980s.

When he told a university professor he’d received two offers from the three literary publishers he’d submitted to, the professor said in his experience it was ‘unprecedented’. The story made several regional newspapers, including the Manchester Evening News.

About Terry

Terry was five years old when he first decided he wanted to be a writer. Despite his interest in politics and his ability to write essays beyond his years, he  soon developed a love for fiction. Indeed, when he was twelve, he won a fiction writing competition.


When he got older, he was advised to get a proper job and so pursued a career as a professional computer programmer. He spent five years working for a bank in the City of London before moving back up north to his home in Lancashire.

Soon after, his health deteriorated, and he  decided to change careers. That’s when he first explored the idea that he could make it as a writer.

Got any questions?  Want to know more about me or the science of creativity?  Just open up a new chat box and leave a message. Alternatvely, call 07541 485062 or fill in this form