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Ghostwriter in London and throughout the UK

Welcome to The Writerry. If you’ve got a story to tell, an essay to write or you need copy for your business, look no further. Unlike the competition we don’t just stop at the writing. With marketing as well as writing expertise, we are able to offer a much greater and faster R.O.I. than you’d find elsewhere. If you like the sound of this, read on.

So what do ghostwriters actually do all day? Let’s start with what they don’t do. We’re not some kind of secret club for writers of ghost stories. No, a ghostwriter is a writer that likes to write manuscripts using your ideas. They also write essays, non fiction and pretty much anything else you need help with. And once the work’s finished, you’ll own all the rights. No one will ever know that you didn’t write it yourself.  The services we provide include:

  • Life writing – with your notes played out as scenes to give your story an extra punch.
  • Autobiographical fiction – weave a plot aorund your story to turn it into fiction that’s based on true events.
  • Non Fiction – We can write your book in a clear, easy to read style that will maximise your readership.

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Write your life story as fiction

In modern society, people are only interested in autobiographies of celebrities and famous figures. Sad but true. However, everyone likes to read a good story. By converting your experiences into fiction, you’ll have a saleable asset that people will pay to read.

Whether you live in London or anywhere else in the UK, hire The Writerry to be your ghostwriter and you’ll be much more likely to see a return for your money. It’ll be an investment rather than something you pull out of a drawer to keep your friends and family entertained.

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Manuscript Editing

The Writerry is much more than just another journalistic ghostwriter. If you already have a manuscript, we can knock it into shape in no time. I have been told by linguistic experts that my writing mimics everyday conversation perfectly. This is because when I write, I am simply putting the voice in my head onto paper. Not only will this make your manuscript easy and enjoyable to read, but your dialogue will be pretty much the best around.

Our manuscript editing service is ideal if you want to bring your work to life, adding authenticity, a unique style and a powerful message. Turn your manuscript into ‘quality’ fiction today.

The Writerry offers a wide range of writing services, catering for all your literary or marketing needs.  For specific information about any of our services, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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